We believe there’s a better way.

TWD is Australia’s leading financial advice group. Think beyond investment expertise; we’re expert project managers for your entire financial life.

We believe that advice means more than helping you decide on investments, structures, cash flows, risk management or alternative approaches. These matter, of course, but they are ineffective without equal understanding and respect for your unique identity, frustrations and hopes for a better life.

Wealth has a different meaning to each of us, but skillful financial management, expertise and direction allows for what we all want in life: freedom from concern.

Less stress and fewer surprises. When it’s clear that your adviser has your best interests at heart, with the expertise to back it up, it’s easy to relax.

Our advisory firm earns respect through openness, transparency and accountability; the cornerstones of any successful business relationship.

Oh, and we’re also one of Australia’s most awarded advice practices.

“Life is there to be lived, milestones are there to be celebrated and family always comes first.” – Troy MacMillan, TWD Australia Chief Executive

Award Winning


Finalist for FPA Value of Advice Awards


AFA Australian Adviser of the Year


Chosen as the Best Practice Australia Winner


FPA Best Practice Award as a CFP Professional Firm


Client Management Finalist of the Asset Innovation Awards


Telstra Small Business Award WA Winner


AFA Practice Of The Year

Defined by our team. Our value comes from our people, a team which has received numerous prestigious awards.

Cara Graham

Meet Cara,
your Director

Incredible work ethic and client care earned Cara the role of Director before her 30th birthday.
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Matthew Voce

Meet Matthew,
your Wealth Adviser

Growing up in Hong Kong, Matthew had an inherent interest in accounting roles before entering the advisory and investment sector.
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Michelle Flanagan

Meet, Michelle
your Wealth Adviser

Michelle's passion for her clients is most apparent when she is planning to make their financial life as easy as it can be so they can spend more time doing things they love with their family and friends.
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Andree McDonough

Meet Andree,
your Associate Wealth Adviser

Andree joined TWD in 2015, bringing her a wealth of expertise in the area of capital markets contract legal.
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Meet the rest of your team

Leadership Team

Troy MacMillan

Troy MacMillan

Chief Executive

Graeme Hyland

Graeme Hyland

General Manager

TWD Invest Team

Abby Macnish

Abby Macnish

Chair of the Investment Committee

Support Team

Cindy Sumner

Cindy Sumner


Michelle Nelson

Michelle Nelson

Director of Operations and Support

Taylor Chircop

Taylor Chircop

Investment Assistant



Most Trusted Advisers


Certainty Advice Group


Certified Financial Planner


Self-managed super fund specialist advisor


Chartered Accountant