Investing in you.

Our industry is constantly changing, and has entered a new era of professionalism where quality service and personability come first.

The convergence of new technologies, access to almost unlimited information and stricter regulation has empowered clients and radically changed the way our industry works – a change which we have helped pioneer and conduct throughout our entire business.

In our many years of providing financial advice, we’ve always believed openness, transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of a successful relationship. These beliefs allow us to work purely in your best interests.

Business Owners

Turning business success into family wealth

There are often many challenges to overcome during the lifecycle of a business. When setting and developing their financial plans, business owners must carefully manage these challenges to maximise the probability of building family wealth.

Financial security is more likely to be achieved with the assistance of experienced professional advisers who can help you develop the plan, as well as provide guidance and accountability to keep you on track. Whether you’re starting out, leveling up or stepping away, TWD will support and drive forward your business plans.

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Tsokos Property

From small beginnings, the wealth and complexity of this family business continue to grow.

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Medical Specialists

Financial advice for medical professionals

Higher education expenses, budget cuts and an influx new international graduates. The medical sector presents a whole host of issues affecting career and job security, as well as the ability to build financial independence beyond the physical exertion.

That includes personal challenges borne from lack of time or lack of financial training. The Wealth Designers understands your situation and how to deliver smart advice, how to support the smart financial decisions, that is going to provide you, your family and your practice, with the best security that fund your long-term goals.

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Dr Sean Hamilton

Dr Hamilton explains how TWD has helped him in through the significant changes in his life.

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Managing the financial turmoil of divorce

Every year in Australia approximately 50,000 divorces are finalised and many of these face common financial challenges and complexities.

The highly-emotional nature of divorce often results in divorcees failing to address key challenges which result in both short and long-term financial concerns. Whether you’re entering into a divorce, negotiating settlement offers, or need help with your next steps, trusted, timely and caring advice will help protect your long-term security.

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7 Financial Issues Facing Divorcees

The complexity of a separation often calls for advice from a multitude of sources to give you certainty in an uncertain time.

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Australia’s culture of giving

Early in life, you will probably donate to your favourite charities on an ad hoc basis. However, once your personal wealth has grown to a certain level, you may start thinking of the how to maximise the impact of your giving and the legacy you wish to leave.

You may choose to take this commitment of giving to a higher level. Joining an elite circle of ‘world changers’ if you have both the means and the motivation to make a difference, we can guide you in the support or establishment of Family Foundations, Charities and Not-For-Profit organisations.

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TWD For-Purpose

Developed specifically for those with the ability to enact sweeping change in society through the act of giving.

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Building personal wealth for busy, successful individuals.

Despite a high salary, executives face issues particular to busy successful individuals. That includes the pressure to acquire company shares, dealing with these share option schemes and structuring them appropriately, and planning an investment exit strategy when leaving or retiring.

Personal challenges also get in the way of executives’ ability to accumulate wealth – a lack of time to focus on their own personal finances; a lack of financial investment knowledge and training; travelling or moving overseas for work; and a lack of strategic planning are common. With TWD taking the reins of your finances, investing wisely and appropriate tax planning will make a huge difference in long-term wealth creation.

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Andrew Stewart

Andrew discusses why he’d never been comfortable with a financial planner until meeting with TWD.

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Protecting your wealth in retirement.

Years of planning go into creating an abundant retirement. The chance to live out your dreams is a reward for all the hard work across your lifetime.

However, the planning doesn’t stop there once you’re wearing that gold watch. With cash flow now coming from passive investment income, superannuation and savings, it’s more important than ever to act upon sound financial advice.

Protecting what you’ve worked for is paramount for TWD, which we can assist with through wise investment in lower risk asset classes and by putting a solid strategy in place to make your nest egg last.

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Retired CEO Roger Thomson

As a retired CEO of an ASX listed company, Roger continues to forge a path forward.

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Always collaborative.

We recognise the importance of specialist input from your accountant, lawyer, broker and banker. By collaborating with these advice professionals who play essential roles in your financial life, we can remove complexity and frustration by offering a single point of contact to manage all the moving parts.